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Analysis: How Washington Can Renew US Manufacturing Technology

odwlogistics / 7:30 AM on December 10, 2014

manufacturing technology

Most Americans probably haven't heard about the Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Innovation Act.

It might be an easy opportunity for the government to show some bi-partisan cooperation for the good of the country.

A recent Forbes article argues for the passage of the Act - which makes a lot of sense.

Read the article here - How Washington Can Renew US Manufacturing

The main thrust of the Act is to build 15 additional manufacturing institute around the country. It's a strategy that effectiely brings together government, schools, and businesses to accelerate innovation in the manufacturing technology sector.

With manufacturing and manufacturing techonology still such a vital part of the US economy its true such an investment will have real and immediate impact for the labor force.

As the author points out, "RAMI is ready to move. It doesn’t cost much – in government terms – and if not passed in the next few weeks, its backers will have to start over again in the new Congress after the first of the year."


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