5 Things to Consider as You Outsource Your Cosmetics Supply Chain

Jan 18 2018

Posted by odwlogistics

Since the 1990s, the cosmetics industry has evolved dramatically, as the demand for newer and faster products has increased exponentially.

This evolution can be tied to a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the increasing speed to market of fashion products, companies’ improved targeted branding, renowned online influencers and social media networks, which seamlessly connect...

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Warehousing for Cosmetics: Behind the Scenes

Oct 13 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

Providing warehousing and fulfillment services for cosmetics products has a lot of unique requirements.

The nature of the products, as well as the potential high value, make for some specific challenges when it comes to storing and shipping the cosmetics.

An obvious difference between cosmetics and other products can be a higher importance placed on appearance and packaging for cosmetics when...

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The Top 4 Industries That Would Benefit from a Southern California Warehouse

Aug 05 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

The Southern California area is one of true promise and potential. Its geographic location in relation to the rest of the world makes the region ideal for many different types of businesses. Here are 4 industries that would benefit from a Southern California warehouse: 

1 – Consumer Electronics  

Many electronics companies are based overseas. Many major international electronic companies...

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What to Look for When Searching for Warehousing for Cosmetics

Jul 31 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

An enterprise that reaches annual sales of $170 billion worldwide, the cosmetics and skin care industry is one that steadily toes the line between lucrative and ever-evolving. A market-driven business whose bottom line is directly affected by consumer demand, the storage of health and beauty products requires a housing facility that possesses a combination of skill, adaptability, and...

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Top 6 Industries That Use Shared Warehousing

Jul 17 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

There are many benefits to shared warehousing. From smoothing out the costs of operating during peak and slow seasons to getting best in class technology and training, shared warehousing is a smart choice for many manufacturers and retailers.

Although we’d argue that ANY industry can benefit from using shared warehousing, here are 5 industries that use shared warehousing and gain a lot when...

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