Supply Chain Network Design: How it Can Lower Your Logistics Costs

Sep 26 2016

Posted by odwlogistics

Analysts claim that 80% of supply chain cost is predetermined in the design of the product and supply chain network. This overwhelming statistic illustrates the strong desire of executives across the world to seek consulting analysis on their supply chain network.

Supply chain network design is one of the most important competencies companies can leverage to continually improve their...

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Tips for Increasing Your Speed to Market

Aug 11 2016

Posted by John Weber

Our experience, and the experience of most logistics companies that are helping folks within supply chain is, speed to market isn't so much a cost reduction process as some may view it.

The true focus of speed to market is growth and the ability to get into new markets. Consider the example:

Company X is mid-sized manufacturer located in California. They have a good western-state distribution...

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How the Right 3PL Can Help You Optimize Network Design

Jan 22 2015

Posted by Jeff Alexander

Running a successful manufacturing company, in many ways, is very similar to juggling. With juggling, every throw and catch must be perfectly in sync, otherwise everything falls to the ground.

When you’re running a business there are many different aspects that need to be juggled properly in order for you to be successful. Workflow, materials management, and production are just a few of the...

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