4 Ways Logistics Technology Improves Visibility and Cuts Costs

Jan 27 2016

Posted by odwlogistics

It’s hardly revolutionary to say that the right logistics technology is the key to keeping a company’s distribution network and all its complicated parts working efficiently. Yet, many companies still manage their supply chain with manual or disconnected processes that hinder basic decision making and the flow of information.

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Why's Omni-Channel Fulfillment Important To Retailers?

Apr 07 2015

Posted by odwlogistics

A common term that is oft spoken in the retail industry these days is "Omni-Channel".

It comes up frequently for good reason - retailers looking to grow and put themselves in a position to be successful in the future know this is a concept they need to understand and put into practice - or they'll get left behind.

A huge part of omni-channel relates to a retailer's supply chain, and in...

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5 Reasons Why Logistics Technology is Important to Your Operation

Mar 17 2015

Posted by Jeff Alexander

Let’s face it, as the global marketplace continues to grow, it’s getting harder and harder to remain competitive.

As a manufacturing business, it’s similar to putting on a very precise juggling act. Every movement needs to be careful and precise, a minor slip in your timing can send the whole act crashing down around you.

While it might not be as fun to think about, your business could be in a...

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Analysis: How Washington Can Renew US Manufacturing Technology

Dec 10 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

Most Americans probably haven't heard about the Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Innovation Act.

It might be an easy opportunity for the government to show some bi-partisan cooperation for the good of the country.

A recent Forbes article argues for the passage of the Act - which makes a lot of sense.

Read the article here - How Washington Can Renew US Manufacturing

The main thrust of...

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Manufacturing Technology Wanted: Lagging Innovation Hurts Industry

Nov 26 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

 It's a boom time for consumers, but is manufacturing technology keeping up?

Consumer choice and options for buying are more diverse than ever. This is reality of retail in today's world.

Studies show it is putting a strain on manufacturer's ability to keep up and continue to innovate. The constant change is also affecting these same company's supply chains in a negative way.

So what's up?


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