Myth vs. Fact: Dedicated Warehousing Space

Mar 03 2015

Posted by Jeff Alexander

As a manufacturer, dedicated warehousing space plays a very important role in the success of your business. Not only does it serve as a place to store materials and product, a warehouse is also the hub for the distribution of customer orders and pretty much anything else shipping to and from your company.

When it comes to warehousing, you have several different choices as to how you go about...

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4 Reasons Ohio is the Best Location for Your Logistics Warehouse

Feb 04 2015

Posted by odwlogistics

As the real estate adage goes: “Location, Location, Location.” Choosing the right location is important for any business, especially when it comes to setting up a logistics warehouse.

Supply chain logistics is all about efficiency, and the location from which you distribute your products is important. In fact, it has as much impact on your company's profitability as another decision a business...

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4 Misconceptions About Warehousing Solutions

Oct 06 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

Making the decision to outsource the warehousing function at your company is often a way to reduce operating costs and add efficiency to your supply chain.

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Every company’s situation is unique, but working with a quality shared warehousing provider can benefit most companies across a variety of industries.

There are, however,...

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4 Tips for Selecting a Warehouse Solutions Provider

Sep 11 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

Outsourcing a function like warehousing and fulfillment can be a great way for a business to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.


After all, it’s likely that these types of activities are not a core competency for your company.


So, why not focus on what your company is good at and let a third party that specializes in warehousing do these things instead?


If it is done right, you...

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Dedicated Warehousing vs. Shared Warehousing: What is the difference?

Jul 02 2014

Posted by odwlogistics

A common decision for any company with warehousing needs is to choose between a strategy based on Dedicated warehousing vs. Shared warehousing space.

It turns out a warehouse is not just a warehouse – so what is the difference between the two and what does that mean to your business?

In simple terms, a dedicated warehouse is a warehouse space that your company runs. You may own or rent the...

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